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In this time of powerful communication technologies, developments in data security, specialized software, e-commerce, and cloud computing a new paradigm of law office management has emerged. Legal process outsourcing is quickly becoming an effective strategy for law firm management and growth. In particular, this trend is rapidly growing among bankruptcy lawyers. Because the petition process can be time consuming and onerous, outsourcing this work to an experienced bankruptcy professional, known as a virtual bankruptcy assistant or VBA, allows a bankruptcy attorney to address pressing legal issues that arise on a daily basis, focus on core business and revenue building tasks while being able to streamline productivity. And since a virtual bankruptcy assistant is an independent contractor, the bankruptcy attorney reduces labor and overhead costs. Discover why hiring eBankruptcy Assistants is today’s modern approach to traditional office staff.

How You Benefit


Ahhh, time, that precious commodity we never seem to have enough of. As they say, “time is money” and that is especially true when you are a bankruptcy attorney. We know that bankruptcy attorneys can be pulled in 100 different directions. Ultimately, the success of your firm relies on maintaining a constant stream of new clients. When you are faced with a burgeoning caseload you can either put more time into hiring, training and managing more staff OR:

Here is an example of how we save you up to 4 hours of time per case. Document collection is an optional service. If you opt for us to handle this part of the process you save up to 6 hours per case!


A well drafted petition is at the heart of each bankruptcy case. Knowing important issues and how to glean all the necessary information from a debtor is a highly specialized skill. Our in-house attorney has seen all too often the poor quality of work that is filed with the Bankruptcy Court and how this affects the bankruptcy attorney of record. Nothing worse than being at a 341(a) Meeting and having a trustee berate you in front of a client, and/or disgorge fees because of poor quality work. Or wait, yes there is something worse - filing a document that ultimately costs your client their home or a major asset. With good work comes a good reputation. A good reputation with the courts, trustees and fellow practitioners often leads to more referrals, not to mention some leniency when things do go wrong. When you hire eBankruptcy Assistants as your legal assistant, you get the benefit of an experienced bankruptcy attorney handling your petitions! Talk about value! Our in-house attorney, Ms. Doyle, has 20 years overall experience in the bankruptcy industry (14 years as a practicing attorney) starting from when she was in high school working for her father’s law firm. No doubt our petitions are superior in quality, detailed and accurate. And with Ms. Doyle’s experience, you don’t have to turn down more complicated cases. Ms. Doyle is available answer your questions!


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Our invoice for services is not due until AFTER the petition has been completed.

eBankruptcy Assistants, Inc. does not engage in the unauthorized practice of law. We never give your clients legal advice. All case analyses’ are done in a consulting capacity for the attorney of record. We do not represent individual debtors. We work solely for bankruptcy attorneys.