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Services and Rates

Our services and packages can be tailored to meet your needs. Pricing varies depending on local markets, attorney processes, volume, extent of services and other factors. Our Silver Package offers basic services. Our Gold Packages offer extra services to help meet your needs. View our packages and the corresponding list of services below!

Silver Package

• Document review (Includes storing documents in our secure web portal for easy access)
• Six month CMI analysis (Includes an excel spreadsheet with a breakdown of income)
• Means Test check
• Chapter 13 eligibility check
• Conduct PACER search for prior filings
• Import credit report data
• Provide NADA or Kelly Blue Book values
• Conduct phone appointment with debtor
• Author petition
• Draft chapter 13 plan and additional local rules documents
• Assess potential legal issues
• Electronic filing of petition/plan

Additional Fees:
• Expired Means Test $25
• Business case $50
• Rush case (within 24 hours) $75

All petitions are filed under the attorney of record. Our company name does not appear anywhere on the petition or on correspondences that we send to debtors.

Gold Package

Includes Silver Package PLUS:

• Mail copy of petition to debtor with 341(a) Meeting notice and instructions
• Forward required documents to the trustee
• Serve chapter 13 plan with 341(a) Meeting notice to creditors
• File proof of service of chapter 13 plan and 341(a) Meeting notice
• Prepare and file Official Form 23 with financial management course certificate (includes follow up with debtor)
• Prepare and file post-petition, pre-confirmation documents (jurisdiction specific and includes follow up with debtor)
• Review claims and/or objections to confirmation and amend plan accordingly
• Monitor case for discharge and send closing letter to debtor (chapter 7)

Additional Services

Chapter 7
• Document collection (added to the Silver or Gold Package)
• Reaffirmation agreements
• Motion to reopen other than filing certificate
• Motion to reopen to file certificate of completion of post petition personal financial management course
• Motion to avoid lien 522(f)
• Motion to redeem property
• Declaration of non-possession
• Redaction requests and protective orders re personal identifiers

Chapter 13
• Motion to extend/impose stay
• Application for order shortening time
• Motion to avoid lien 506(a)
• Motion to avoid lien 522(f)
• Motion to disallow claim
• Opposition to trustee’s motion to dismiss/convert case
• Motion to modify plan
• Motion to refinance/sell real property
• Motion to incur debt
• Application for order confirming that loan modification discussion will not violate stay
• Adversary proceeding
• Fee applications

Fees vary depending on the extent of services, the legal issue presented, volume and jurisdictional limitations on the no-look fee and fee applications.


eBankruptcy Assistants, Inc. does not engage in the unauthorized practice of law. We never give your clients legal advice. All case analyses’ are done in a consulting capacity for the attorney of record. We do not represent individual debtors. We work solely for bankruptcy attorneys.