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“Shannon is an exceptional Bankruptcy lawyer, and I have always found her to do excellent work.”

Stewart Lim, Bankruptcy Attorney, Long Beach, CA

“I enjoy working with Shannon Doyle and eBankruptcy Assistants, Inc. because I know that as a colleague practicing in the same district, Shannon brings her practice to the table, providing valuable insights in bankruptcy case preparations.

I also know that she is open, honest, hardworking and will get the job done on time and she honors her commitments. She is an asset to the solo and small firm bankruptcy practices.”

Christine Kingston, Bankruptcy Attorney, Huntington Beach, CA

“eBankruptcy Assistants, Inc., with Shannon Doyle at the helm, was easily one of the most cost-effective additions I’ve ever made to my Florida bankruptcy practice. Her office integrates seamlessly with my office, is extremely courteous and professional with clients, and both Shannon and her staff do what they need to do to get my cases filed and in the case of chapter 13 – confirmed. Anyone that practices Chapter 13 knows that the litany of paper and documents can cripple a solo practitioner forced to attend multiple chapter 13 confirmation hearings until the plan is confirmable. Shannon’s office has virtually eliminated all the pain and agony from my chapter 13 docket! You can also call me at 561-367-1444 if you want further information."

Michael Zapin, Bankruptcy Attorney, Boca Raton, Florida

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