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The Petition Process

Once we have a services agreement in place, we will invite you to open an account on our integrated web portal. You are then ready to upload your first case. The process is easy and efficient.

Step 1: Upload Documents

Simply upload the required documents. Unless preferred as part of your protocol, there is no need for a long thirty-two page intake form. We have found a better way that saves you even more time. We can also accept documents via fax, email or regular mail. We will store and organize all documents on our secure web-based software that allows you instant reference at any time. If you so chose, we can even allow your client access to their case file for uploading documents and checking case status. If you wish, we can customize the below “List of Documents Needed" for you to include with the retainer package you give to your clients.

List of Documents Needed!

Step 2: Receive The Completed Petition

After we complete the petition, you can easily download it from our secure web portal or we can email it to you. Depending on your software, you can drop the case directly into your program as if you had prepared it yourself. The petition will be accompanied by a credit report, CMI spreadsheet, case analysis and memos relevant to the particular case. At this time we will also send you an invoice.

Step 3: Review & Execute the Petition with Your Client

After you have reviewed and signed the petition with the debtor, upload the Electronic Filing Declaration and Statement of Social Security number with original signatures. Should you have any changes that need to be made, simply upload the particular petition pages with the edits. Make sure your client initials next to any changes. At this time, payment is due and can be made via our website, phone, or any other traditional means of payment. Depending on volume, we can also bill on a semi-monthly or monthly basis.

Step 4: We File The Petition

We will message you when the case has been filed. The petition and 341(a) Meeting date will be securely stored and available for immediate access or viewing on our web portal. If you prefer we can email the petition to you. For your convenience, we’ll also calendar the 341(a) Meeting date on our shared calendar.

Step 5: Extra Services Available

Our services can be customized to meet your needs and we can adapt to any system. Our secure web based software allows for document storage and maintenance, central communication and up to the minute status on each case. Some of our clients prefer to allow us as users on their own network so that is also an option. View the additional services we provide on our Services & Rates page.

eBankruptcy Assistants, Inc. does not engage in the unauthorized practice of law. We never give your clients legal advice. All case analyses’ are done in a consulting capacity for the attorney of record. We do not represent individual debtors. We work solely for bankruptcy attorneys.