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World’s First Artificially Intelligent Attorney Will Practice Bankruptcy Law

June 1, 2016 by Shannon Doyle

According to the Washington Post, the law firm of Baker Hostetler has hired Ross, the word’s first attorney robot who will assist with bankruptcy cases. While this sounds intriguing, Ross wont’ be creating a marketing plan, conducting bankruptcy consultations, preparing chapter 7 or chapter 13 petitions, running to court or managing the functions of a bankruptcy law ROssfirm any time soon. Although it would be nice if  Ross could handle some of those functions for the busy bankruptcy practitioner!  Ross is limited to researching case law. It can apparently perform legal research and suggest a hypothesis saving the attorney hours of research time. Ross can also interact with its human counterpart who can accept Ross’s proposition or get Ross to question its legal theory. While bankruptcy attorneys don’t have to worry about being replaced by machines just yet, the newly admitted lawyer might. According to Baker Hostetler, Ross is a hired legal researcher which is a job typically held by lawyers just starting their careers.

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